Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Naturally HEARTwarming!

Our Creator has His way of telling us that we are so loved all the time! 
All nature is tuned in to that Love, illustrated in so many beautifful Heart-shaped forms. The message is always the same. And each time we see the naturally engraved hearts we somehow get that sweet sense of calm, that 
 Like this beautiful heart-shaped crystal

These adorable kissing Crown Cranes!

A Heart shaped hollow tree

A kitty birthmark

A Heart-shaped meadow

A flock of birds

A Love cloud

Ohhhhhhhh! So Loveable! 

Look at these faces!

A Red Heart tree 

A white Heart "third eye"

Heart Rock Crestline in CA. WOW!

Love is not only in the air--it's everywhere! 

Happy Valentine's Day!


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