Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Oprah!

I don't know too many people that don't admire Oprah Winfrey!
Oprah is a role model for many, many people, including me!
What's not to like -her beauty, her intelligence, her courage, her savviness, her business skills, plus her spirituality.
I am completely inspired by her life in everything she does. 
Oprah definitely has A TIGER IN HER ENGINE!

And today is her Birthday! 

And since her favorite color is Green, may be I would order this cake for her:
Mmm... What should I give her? May be this exotic scarf by Roberto Cavalli:

I think she would like this fun necklace from Daco Milano
 How about this gorgeous murrano ring?
I bet it would be hard to find something that she doesn't have! 
These Italian leather gloves look so classy!

I don't imagine that there is anybody that doesn't know her, -but just in case- billionaire Oprah has hosted her own internationally popular talk show since 1986, and she is an actress, philanthropist, publisher, and producer. 
WOW, no wonder why her last name starts with the word WIN!

In my early yoga glass I recall her words:
"Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure."

And when I feel dis-couraged I try to remember:

Oh, and since my birthstone is Emerald green, could I have her prosperity gene?

I'm on my way Oprah!

Happy, Happy Birthday!

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  1. I love Oprah....she is such an inspiration, just so real! I love your gift ideas! Happy Birthday, Oprah!

    Thanks so much for stopping by. What a great blog you have!



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