Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Heart From Start to Finish

Since the new kitchen is in place, I can't stop baking and cooking. How fun! I love my new everything!
And for tomorrow, I am starting my Valentine treat with a fresh apple danish, and I will finish with everybody's favorite, home made brownies. What's in between? Probably a nice cooked meal, and a constant glow on my face for being Mark's Valentine for another year... My friend Desert Cottage asked to share my Love story, I can't get over it and the on-going Love!

How about you?
Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hearts That Speak LOVE

Some hearts can be un-conditionally stunning! I am totally in the heart mode, and looking around, I came across some beautiful and fun hearts! It's like Love spelled in different languages, but always bringing the same precious message...

Murano blend

She is a Lady!

Italian passion

Heart cakes

Fragile and simple

Aqua marina magic

Kiss the Cook!

  Loving swirl 

I think I am in love...





Rather patriotic

I love... ice cream! 

Cupid's steps

Fenti heart

And the heart beat 

...from my heart to yours!


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