Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring is At Hand!

It's snowed almost all day yesterday and it is so beautiful. The snow is magic indeed! But my heart is in Spring already and I can't go backwards. I think focusing on a little creation that spells beauty and a touch of Spring, will lift me up. I mean this girl-y stuff that can not be enough some times...
So, I decided to dig into my picture treasure and find some fun Spring-y bags that are like blooms of spirit, and let you play the "Inspiration"/"Find" game, and so let the inspiration meet the new arrivals for Spring.

The Inspiration: 
Fresh pink hand-embroidered bag with fuschia handle

The Finds:
Glenda Gies Millie Fuschia Chenille Bag

Vera Bradley Cupcakes Pink Super Tote

GlendaGies Fuschia Chenille Flowers Handbag

The Inspiration:
Mulberry Sunflower cross stitched tote

The Finds:

Kiss and Sunburst Ruffled Laundry Bag

Relic Monaco Crossover bag

The Inspiration:
Hibiscus Butterfly Canvas Tote
The Finds:Tianni Floral Garden Tote

Mary Frances Flowers Bead Shoulder Bag
Vera Bradley Hello Dalia Purse
The Inspiration:
Crochet Striped Bag with Bead Handle

The Finds:
Tianni Pink and Aqua Laminated Tote
Relic Crossbody Canvas Spring Bag

 Capelli Ring Bead Handle Tote

Happy Spring!
Cheers and more to come,


  1. Thanks for your sweet comment, cute blog!

  2. Such bright fun bags! I especially like the laminated tote!


  3. Beautiful style, beautiful color! So glad you visited and left a sweet comment today, as now I have discovered your lovely blogspace. ~ Angela

  4. great bags! how fun :) I really like those colors & textures. <3

  5. Thanks for all the pops of color, just what I needed on this still cold day ... do you think spring will EVER get here?

  6. Thank you all friends for your sweet comments and your visit! You make my day...

  7. Hope that the snow goes away soon.
    I love all the wonderful bags you have shown here.

    Happy day


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