Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Heart From Start to Finish

Since the new kitchen is in place, I can't stop baking and cooking. How fun! I love my new everything!
And for tomorrow, I am starting my Valentine treat with a fresh apple danish, and I will finish with everybody's favorite, home made brownies. What's in between? Probably a nice cooked meal, and a constant glow on my face for being Mark's Valentine for another year... My friend Desert Cottage asked to share my Love story, I can't get over it and the on-going Love!

How about you?
Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. You're my kind of person, with your pretty pics and organising tips!

    As for cooking, I went to put dinner in the oven last night and the door of the oven came away in my hand and fell to the floor, completely unglued! Good excuse to renovate the kitchen I say (hubby not so happy about that!) Happy Valentine's Day! xx

  2. I just finished reading your love story, it was amazing!!! I guess even language barriers can't get in the way of true love:) How wonderful that he stepped up and helped you raise your son. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day...from one LONG story writer to another!!!

  3. Love, love, love your beautiful blog, so much I'm now following you..Wishing youa wonderful Valentine's Day..dont forget to do something special for yourself!
    Yours Sincerely,

  4. Great post!
    Loved the pictures!

  5. Happy Valentine's Day!


    Thanks so much for visiting!
    No way you are from Greece!
    Did you see that I live in Toronto?
    And...check this out!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  6. It was lovely to discover your blog and many thanks for visiting me.
    Sounds like you are in for some delicious treats.
    Happy Valentines day and may it be sprinkled with much love.


  7. Hi Maria!! thanks for your comment. love your blog and your beautiful pictures!!

  8. I went over to read your love story and everything was gone, the linky thing is messed up, maybe it will be fixed by tomorrow! I wanted to thank you for your visit and your sweet comments!
    Blessings~~~ Daphne

  9. Yum!!! I love the pictures of your Valentine desserts! I'm sure you had a wonderful day!

    Thank you for visiting my blog and your very kind comments! I look forward to following your fun and inspirational blog!

  10. These lovely hearts are suitable for any day!! xx

  11. what a lovely love story!
    Yes, there are still really good men out there...I know, I have been married to one for a long time.
    Loved your take on all things "heart".
    Blessings, Evi


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