Monday, January 3, 2011

Organize Make It Fun!

Happy New Year!
My family and I have survived a remodeling, the sale of our house, the packing, the new home hunt, the move, the unpacking, and now the settling... Did I mention a full time job and a regular run of the family schedule? And if that's not enough, we just gutted the kitchen of the new house for a complete make-over! We felt we were missing a project, ha, ha!...
And, I know, I missed my blog, but seriously it was impossible to keep it up with everything going on. Now part of the New year's resolution, I am back on the blogging trail.
Since I am still feathering the nest, I am deeply into sorting and organizing, creating little areas for this and that... Surfing on line, I found some amazing deals, and as I was visiting my picture collection, I found some fun organization ideas that I thought would be good to share.

For instance, a splash of color, and some patterned labeled boxes, make a whole difference. 

Jars: A color story full of texture. You will never miss what you are looking for... 

The magic of baskets and storage boxes: Repetition gives amazing results!

A modern innovation: Transparent closet and cabinet doors, for everything to be visible and neat.
Shelf racks: Always handy and practical, are waiting for your creativity.

And if you have the luxury of extra drawers, here is the way to go for all your linens. Roll laundered and pressed tablecloths around cardboard tubes and tie them loosely with ribbon. Re-ironing before dinner is not fun!
Happy Organizing!


  1. This post is perfect for inspiring and organizing! love it! =)

    I can never have enough jars and baskets =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  2. I am a big fan of using jars and canisters for organizing things in the kitchen! I'm new to your blog. Lovin it so far!

  3. Oh how I could use some organization in my life. Great post. And thanks so much for the sweet comments on my guest post at Alex's. I wish you so much luck with your kitchen!

  4. jars and baskets are my favorite way to organize! I love this inspiration! Thank you, doll :)

    xoxo Summer

  5. great inspiration for organizing...i love those semi transperant glass cabinets!

  6. What an amazing collection of ideas! So inspiring as I work through organizing my home.

  7. Lovely visit, lovely blog, I am glad you found me ,,,so I could discover you!
    Joy in your day!


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