Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I don't know about you, but I love all forms and shapes of monogramming. Monograms, give a personal touch to everything, and if you are a little creative, they can give another dimension to personal items, accessories and home furnishings.

They can be done with different kind of materials,


or embroidered.
 You can create a phrase or a quote,

 a sample
or simply your signature.

 Make gift bags for the Holidays

Personalized towels,
Embroidered napkins

and pillows.
 Another words, "say it" with fun projects!
Happy Monogramming!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Button up!

Love buttons? Or you just happened to have a bunch of extra ones?Use your imagination and get ready to have some fun!
You may want to make some bracelets
and rings 
or even earrings

But you may come up with some other crafty creations...
 ...like these gift boxes

 or simple storage boxes.

 You can transform a picture frame.  It will be cute as a button!
 make elegant napkin rings

make a planter holder...

or this cute adjustable tote bag.

 Another idea: Use your buttons to trim a V-neck or a shirt collar. Buttons will add another dimension.

Buttonworks can be beautiful and unique gifts! So before it gets hectic preparing for the holidays, put your button up your creativity and get to work!

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Valdese Weavers:Art one thread at the time

A visit to North Carolina is always a treat, but visiting one of the largest domestic Jacquard loom weavers plant is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I had the opportunity to visit Valdese Weaver's and oh, what an amazing place! Considering that I grew up in the textile business, I have developed a very special relationship with fabric; color combination and patterns fascinate me. I had so much fun that I carried the images in my mind for days!

So, let me walk you through so you can see just a little bit of what was there and tell me what you think:
Learning about the history of the Italian family who started the plant was very special...
 This is the first crest of the company and how it evolved over the years
It was also interesting learning about textile design, the intricacy of fiber and pattern combination, how a design and a color pick starts and the process to become a fabric...
 Watching the beautiful color palettes...
 Walking through the designer's offices, made me wanting to apply for a job...

 Sampling new designs for the next market

                                Can you see this cameo one an oval back chair?
Here is a designer "cooking" some good stuff...
                    And then, I walked through the plant, where everything becomes "real"
                                                               The thread dye room
Watching the looms weaving these beautiful fabrics was amazing!

In the air jet weaving looms, a jet of air is used to propel the weft yarn through the shed at  speeds of up to 600 ppm. 

                                                             Oh, these beautiful colors!
                                       Excuse my poor photography, I was in awe!

                                                                  The showroom. 
                                          80,000 SKUs, not bad ha? Can I sleep here?

                                         And the Gallery: Textiles as pieces of Art!

Is this an unbelievable eye treat or it's just me? 


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