Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Little Book Of Promises

"Promises hold powerful energy that unfulfilled or not explored can limit our potential. With The Little Book of Big Promises, Peggy Rometo, one of the most genuine, authentic, and caring people I know, gives us the key to unlock a treasure chest of tools to transform our pain into healing, make peace with adversity, and open the door to our true potential. Peggy is the real deal, and so is this book!"
--Demi Moore

We all make promises to ourselves and to others. Some are small and simple, some are serious and lasting. The big promises we make guide our lives in immeasurable ways, but we don't come into this world consciously remembering what they are.
In this book, intuitive healer Peggy Rometo shows you how to uncover your hidden promises. By selecting and focusing on nine significant events that have helped shape you--starting as early as childhood--you will be able to explore the mystery and beauty of your inner life. Looking at these events and your reactions to them begins to reveal your promises--promises that outline the actions, intentions, and qualities you're meant to express--and bring forth what is needed to act as a bridge from one stage of your life to the next.

Using a three-step process including guided meditations, energy work, visualizations, and other practices that allow you to tap into your intuition, Peggy teaches you how to reconnect with the creative forces and intrinsic wisdom of the universe, cultivate awareness and trust, and uncover the promises you made. Throughout the process, you will learn to break free of self-destructive tendencies, jealousy, guilt, fear, and other inhibiting habits that hold you back from embodying your true self.    
In the end, you will find your current promise and honor your overarching promise: to share who you are with the world.

         This book is intended to give you a solid experience, a tangible connection with the Creator, as much as that is possible given that we're speaking about something the mind cannot really grasp. To help you develop the trust this work requires, I'll introduce you to practices for accessing information about yourself and your life that you may not even know you have available to you, using exercises that progressively deepen your connection to your intuition. Along the way, we'll look at the obstacles that get in the way of our fulfilling our promises--old patterns, beliefs, stories, and fears--and find ways to break free of these old bonds. Finally, we'll explore what you can ultimately do with the information you get about your promises, how deeply they can enrich your life and how to go on working with them once you've put this book down.

The Little Book of Big Promises is an easy, quick read, but it is formidable, too. It's for those who want to know the truth for themselves, who aren't willing to believe it without discovering and experiencing it firsthand. In other words, it's for you. 


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