Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Indulge with Ice Cream

If I need to replace my dinner with dessert, that should be ICE CREAM! Ice cream is one of the world's all-time favorite treats, and the combination of flavor and color is virtually un-limited.
This exotic "dish" for instance is made out of sugar-dusted pineapple slices topped with pistachio ice cream mixed with light whipped cream. You can sprinkle some fresh pistachios and add a couple of drops of lemon for more taste. Does it sound good?

How about these exotic tacos made out of delicious almond cookies. The taco shells are the base of these mouthwatering sandwiches filled with pistachio ice cream topped with fresh nuts and shredded coconut. Mmm...

This refreshing "salad" is a cantaloupe/watermelon combo, mixed with lemon sorbet and topped with lemon zest. Using a melon baller, create  cantaloupe and watermelon balls and mix them with the sorbet. Easy-breeze!

For a really fine taste and something more gourmet, mix fresh melon, whipped cream and fresh spearmint in the blender and let it freeze for at least 6 hours in a rectangular container. When really hard, cut it in small square pieces and serve it with fresh melon and spearmint leaves for decoration.

This is a classic! Chocolate mousse ice cream with fresh strawberries; a dash of shredded dark chocolate and optional brandy syrup makes this treat sensational!

Speaking of chocolate, take a peak at this chocolate-hazelnut treat! On a walnut cake tart, we put a cup of hazelnut-chocolate ice cream, topped with fresh banana rosettes and fresh coconut slices. Serve on a pedestal platter and sprinkle with ground cinnamon. You'll be called the queen of indulges.

Besides the taste, I love the look of this watermelon ice cream. Mix about 1lb of strawberry ice cream with chocolate chips and let them freeze. Cover the surface of a round bowl with clear plastic and put a thin layer of pistachio ice cream first. Then a thin layer of vanilla and last a thick layer of the strawberry/chocolate chip mix and let it stay in the freezer for a few hours. Cut the watermelon ice cream in triangles, remove the plastic and serve!

If you are a fruit lover, this dish made from scratch will be your favorite! Use an ice cream maker and mix fresh cream, sugar, eggs and fresh basil. Let it freeze for a while and put a few scoops over cut bananas, peaches, kiwis and strawberries. Optional brandy syrup and mint can be the final touch.

Another fruit haven is this lemon bavarois ice cream, topped with grapes and peaches. Sprinkle the fruit with confection sugar and lemon juice. A few rays of  cherry syrup will make it a wow dessert!

Here is an elegant sweet dish that will treat your discriminating guests. Mix fresh cream with strawberries and add it to 1lb vanilla ice cream. Put the entire mix in a stainless steel or cake mold and let it freeze for several hours. Make some vanilla pudding and when ready to serve, take the ice cream out of the mold and cover it with the pudding. Decorate with fresh strawberries and meringue cookies.

...And don't forget the kids! Watch them beam when you give them this home made tri-colored bar!
Cover a rectangular pan or container with wax paper, and put layers of  strawberry, apricot and cherry ice cream.
When well frozen, turn it over in a  long platter, and put popsicle sticks in every  inch. Cut the bars and HURRAY!

Recommended for most collections:

Here are recipes for just about every ice cream imaginable, from four different versions of plain old vanilla to Avocado Ice Cream (it's really more of a chilled guacamole served as a garnish for gazpacho). Weinstein includes dozens of basic recipes for ice creams, sorbets, and granitas, with innumerable variations, along with sodas and shakes, hot fudge and other toppings, and even homemade ice cream cones. 

MAKING ARTISAN GELATO:45 Recipes and Techniques for Crafting Flavor-Infused Gelato and Sorbet at Home $16.49

The word gelato, in Italian, simply means “ice cream,” but its meaning has shifted to define a type of high-end frozen dessert, made with milk, not cream. Gelato also has 35% less air whipped into it than ice cream, heightening its rich mouthfeel without tipping the scales. Gelato, in all its luxury, is simple to make at home with a standard ice-cream maker.
Making Artisan Gelato, following on the heels of Making Artisan Chocolates, will offer 45+ recipes and flavor variations for exquisite frozen desserts, made from all-natural ingredients available at any grocery store or farmer’s market.
From pureeing and straining fruit to tempering egg yolks for a creamy base, the gelato-making techniques included in Making Artisan Gelato ensure quality concoctions. Recipe flavors run the gamut—nuts, spices, chocolate, fruit, herbs, and more—with novel flavor pairings that go beyond your standard-issue fare. 


Capturing the essence of summer with homemade ice creams, sorbets, gelatos and ices.

Using the easy and delicious recipes in The Ice Cream Bible and an ice cream maker, home chefs will have everything needed to make a range of luscious frozen desserts to satisfy everyone all year round.


  1. This is torturous! Ha ha. I loved it! Ice cream is the reason I gained my "freshman fifteen" in college. Oh do I love it. I have weened myself off of it now, but dang all of the pictures I just gasped at! Brilliant!


  2. The watermelon ice cream is perfect! Thank you for all of these.

  3. Hello! My travel mosaic resonated with you way back. Did you see Eat Pray Love yet? You should, if you haven't already. It brought back so many memories for me. I loved it! Your blog(s) are inspiring. I love your creative energy. Thank you for sharing! Suzy

  4. OMG... Can I EAT the computer screen!


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