Friday, June 18, 2010

Singing in the Rain

Our house is finally on the market, and I have to say keeping it spotless for showings every day with a full time job and family it's a lot of work, but we got to do it...
I am sad to put my blogs on the back burner, but there is only one of me-and I have to say my kids and hubby are helping a lot!
Any way, I don't know about anywhere else in the country, but in Missouri it rains, rains, rains... And I appreciate that God waters my garden for free but can it please stop?
On a rainy day like today, I got inspired to dig in my picture selection and find some fun, artistic umbrellas, that bring  sun to the face and make you sing...

Using water proof paint, you can give this "cactus" look to a plane green umbrella, with a few white stokes and a flower on the top.

Or write words in different languages; giving a scroll shape let them gradually enlarge.

You can make a dreamy dome filling your umbrella with stars.

You can put fun polka dots in different sizes and colors, or add  little round mirrors with clear silicone.

Of course, you can create your own "Picasso".

Here is another creative idea: Sow or glue a pretty artificial flower on each wedge of the umbrella. Secure the flower by sowing a clear button on the inside part of it.

I like this walking Banana tree!

But my favorites are these blooming flowers umbrellas. They are so colorful and fun!

Now if you are not into the painting and crafts at all, but you want the fun, here are some ready to go umbrellas that will keep you out of the crowd:


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