Tuesday, April 20, 2010

House to "Home" in One Day!

I know I have disappeared, but between a full time job, taking care of my family, preparing our home to put it in the market and my major project in Florida, I have been a little busy!
And the most exciting part of my "busy-ness" --besides all the remodeling work we are doing here at home-- is the success of the delivery of all furnishings and the set up of the Florida house.
I can not describe my excitement and joy to see a completely empty house one day, and have it done and ready to go the day after! Oh my, I had a blast! And OK, I worked very hard until late, but who counts hours and labor when work is full of joy, accomplishment and recognition!
My clients, St. Louis home owners, hired me to help them with their second dream home in Destin, Florida; their request: COMFORTABLE AND FUN! The cool part is that I have worked all details through floor plans and pictures, I hadn't been to the house before. I just loved how it all came out together, even if my pictures can not do justice to it.
To be there from A to Z, unwrap everything, hang pictures, figure details, and take a moment to sit and smell the new and fresh,  was a gift from God! I can not put in words the  appreciation and fulfillment that I felt. What a treat!

Natural Capiz Shell Pendant and Tortoise Shell collage wall panel.
Right before the last hanging project

I love the shell pillows on these comfy chairs by Century Furniture

and the "hair on hide" Zebrino ottoman by Vanguard.

The breakfast area

The family room, and Oscar who is wondering why we don't play with him anymore!

I am missing a coral table next to the chair... it didn't make it to  the delivery

The Master bedroom is scrumptious, and oh these chases!... I love the detail of interior of this end-table in tangerine orange by Baker. I know the chases need to be closer to it, I just didn't have time for the last details, I barely made my flight back home!
PS: Window treatments to follow soon...



  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. You look so busy! I am saving you and popping back over for a good read :)

  2. Beautiful home! I love the decor :)


  3. Hi Maria
    Well you have certainly been busy.. I can't believe how much you achieved in one day!!! fabulous... I guess that shows what good planning and hard work can achieve... plus also your skills .. the secret ingredient... take care.. and thanks for your lovely words.. xx Julie


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