Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why Am I having a Blog?

I have been away from posting for a few days, my good excuse is watching the Olympics -an always favorite event for my entire family. But the deep true reason for been away, is a  crisis of "oh why am I doing this?" "Who really wants to know what am I doing" "There are so many thousands of good blogs out there-what different can I offer?" "My English is not good enough-what if I do mistakes?"...Another words, I was under the influence of what Eckart Tolle eloquently calls "the voice in the head " in the "New Earth" book. 
The voice is another name for the ego, the thought that always tries to tell us that we are not enough and wants to separate us from our true identity: pure intelligence, all quality spiritual beings. And many times, we don't even recognize that voice, because it goes on so often and in a crafty way, that makes us believe that the suggested thought is ours. Well, I got tempted for a while, especially after watching a particular blog how fast it grew, how many new followers visited in a month, and how many hundreds of comments have been posted! What a dam thing-excuse my language!
One of my first spiritual teachers about 20 years ago said to me: "Comparing yourself with others is death!" What a great thought-I will never forget that.
So, to the question what am I doing here and why, the true answer is "I HAVE FUN!" I enjoy every little moment of it, every post is a little victory to my own limitations, this is my second blog in a year, and a year ago, I didn't know how to copy and paste! So lots to overcome and lots of things to be grateful for. In reality, I let my creativity come out, and oh, what a joy that is-whether anybody is watching or not...

I don't know if this happens to anybody else, but every time I hit the button "publish" I feel I send away this molecule of love coming out of my heart for whatever I do. I love creating beautiful rooms, I love cooking for others, I love sharing spiritual truth, I love art, I love empowering by transformation, I love helping people being "HOME"! This is what the Tiger in Your Engine is. Even if there are not enough comments and bravos, it's the energy of love, carried from picture to picture, from word to word-even in my non skillful English.

So, it is all about Love! And I feel peace. Thank you blog-world that you are there, whether I see you or not. You give me the permission to simply be...



  1. Hi Maria
    How well put.. whether your english is correct or not does not matter.. you have a talent for showing your heart.. and we could all do with a bit more of that.. I'm glad you popped by again as now you are on my radar and I can pop over and enjoy what words you will have for us...

    Oh my goodness .. how correct it is that 'comparing yourself with others is death'. A good reminder for me.. There is a lot of that at my workplace.. in fact it thrives on that... and I do find blogging a little competitive at times also [I will be banished for saying that hahaha] but I figure if I just be myself at least I will attract people who like me for who I am.. Well said Maria.. I'm glad you are posting for your own joy.. xx Julie

  2. I read Tolle's book too..., I guess we all get sucked into the ego, and have to try to stay aware and nurture the connection to "spirit" instead. Practice makes perfect, right!

  3. I think the whole reason we blog is to feel a sense of self worth and self satisfaction-who knows, one day the little things we say that we think are silly or insignificant might be just what someone else really wanted to read/hear that day.

    Happy blogging and I look forward to visiting again soon.

    Best wishes,


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