Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Decoupage For Easter Decoration

Are you ready for Easter? 
If not, here are some last minute thoughts with easy decoupage projects.
You can make a bunch of Easter eggs and bells, and incorporate them with fresh plants or flowers.

You have old stamps or photographs?
How about some colorful eggs that will host your sweet treats?

Or you can just use simple white paper and make dreamy egg shaped vases...

Happy Easter!


  1. Hi Maria

    I just LOVE that first image...
    unfortunately australia does not get to have spring easter... always a little different over here.... but your images make up for it...

    now.. i just noticed on your sidebar the I Can Do It seminar.. you know i was going to go to this in Sydney many years ago .. but it was cancelled for some reason.. ... a little bit of an oxymoron.. but I do love Louise Hays books and perhaps even more so Carolyn Myss... have you read any of hers?

    Have a great week xx Julie

  2. Wow! I LOVE visiting your blog, Maria. It is a FEAST for the eyes, senses and spirit. And not just at Easter, either. ANY time of the year will do!

    Love and Kisses and Easter Bunny Hugs!



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