Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where Old Phone Cords Go

I can't get over the creativity and artistic expression of some people... Communication has never been so peaceful before!
Every one of these sheep is made from telephones and cords... check out their feet!
Presented at the Museum of Communications in Frankfurt.


  1. Hi Maria
    This is one of the most original witty pieces of art I have since in a while! so clever.. I want one. haha
    thanks for brightening my Friday! xx Julie

  2. Hey
    Maria.. thanks for popping by and your lovely comments ... you know it seems the comment is there now... you may be having the same issue as I am.... the counter at the end of the post records 0 comments.. but I *think" they are all still there if I pull the comments up.... or just the individual post... strangely though I lost ALL the comments bar 1 on a particular post. very upsetting as it was a post for a friend.... damn blogger.. haha

    Ok. catch you again soon.. and thanks again... xx Julie


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