Sunday, January 10, 2010

Floor Screens and Room Dividers


I love using floor screens to create a unique and artful effect in a room. I especially like to use them as huge pieces of art that bring height and design interest. I also have fun creating screens out of fabric with beautiful patterns and colors. In fact I'm thrilled to know that Vanguard Furniture created a custom program of personalized screens in different shapes and materials--we are going to have lots of fun!
Folding screens are a stylish and affordable way to divide your room--that's why they are  called room dividers. They increase your privacy and can bring a flavor of class to your home or office. They are a beautiful way to instantly hide clutter, create privacy, and give height to a space. They are ideal for dorm rooms, bedrooms and other areas that need dividing or privacy solutions. They're also useful for creating separate spaces in a shared home office. Or they can be just decorative behind a sofa or even used as a unique window treatment.
Whether traditional or contemporary, new or antique, introducing a screen will add texture and movement in any room. They exist in a variety of materials like wood, canvas, painted panel, latice work, mirrored panels, leather, metal, bamboo and pretty much anything else you can imagine. 

Some images courtesy of "Better Homes and Gardens", "Coastal Living", "Veranda" and "At Home St Louis".


  1. HI There
    Thanks for popping over my way... you know I've had that photo for for 14 years and never noticed the 'glitch' before... must be an angel like you said!!

    I love these screens too.. funny, what I like to admire in images may not be what I'd use in my own home, but I love the 2nd, 6th and 10th images. If I had more space I would definitely have a screen,, something for the future. Love some of the chests in the previous post too...

    Have a great day .. Julie

  2. Beautiful rooms with beautiful screens. Thinking of doing this in my living room. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Frank @



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