Monday, January 11, 2010

The Blessing Basket Project

Way back when the Katrina hurricane happened my husband Mark and the kids volunteered one Saturday to go and help a group in Illinois that was  loading clothes on a barge headed down the Mississippi for the hurricane victims in New Orleans. They supposedly got good directions but when they got to the place no one was there. As they were asking around for information, they accidentally discovered the "Blessing Basket" warehouse and the amazing story behind it. Ever since I am a "Blessing Basket" fan, and I have enjoyed  supporting its mission. The baskets are all exquisite and practical but the most important part is that they feed and bless hundreds of the third world poor families. I so much admire Theresa for her courage to move on with her heart's call, and I wish that all of us somehow would follow her example. I am so grateful that my family stumbled on her warehouse... Let's change the world ONE BASKET AT THE TIME!

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