Thursday, November 5, 2009

George Denninger: Insprational Art

I so much enjoy George Denninger's digital Inspirational Art. I can just watch one piece for hours. Great work!

Face to Face
Recognize the source of all good as your own and you will see this likeness reflected face to face.

Childhood Gift
Gifts from children, in what ever form, are always acceptable

Big Puff Theory
Perhaps the origin of our universe is more gentle than first speculated. Our sense of Mind naturally expands with understanding.


Behold the Lilies
In all of my paintings, parts of the image are cropped off the page. This is to signify that there is more than meets the eye, a bigger scene or idea behind it. The lily seems out of place and unsustainable in this hostile environment, yet there it is, glorious without limits!

First Beams
Different people are at different stages in their spiritual growth. Here I represent some of those stages as individuals seeing light through a mist and reacting to this light in different ways.

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