Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Gentle Art of Blessing.

"How do you stay spiritually centered in the middle of a noisy street or in smoke filled restaurant? In a packed subway with a drunkard shouting incoherently at you? How do you keep your spiritual poise during a transatlantic flight with the baby in the seat behind you crying its heart out? How do you keep your calm when someone insults you without reason?or where a careless driver slams into the side of your new car? How does one feel love rather than pity in a refuge camp with hundreds of starving children pulling at your clothes? Or when the TV news bursts into your living room with pictures of the latest massacre on the other side of the globe? Or one of the dictator pours insult and abuse on your country?"

I was blessed to attend a gathering with Pierre Pradervand this past weekend and oh! what experience that was! I was entreated by his calm, loving voice, his humble sharing, his steady answers on all life's "how's". And of course I felt completely inspired by his powerful yet simple message: Just bless all and everything! His book "The Gentle Art of Blessing" is a book that should be in every library and a gift shared with everyone you know.

"This book attempts to show that "spirituality" is not a concept to be debated abstractly, but a transforming power that has meaning only if it is lived daily."

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